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Bare Edge Brow Pencil 03 Grey Brown

Bare Edge Brow Pencil 03 Grey Brown

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Pattern Name


  • NO MORE BUSHY BROW - Hair Like Precise Strokes With No Clumps Thick Eyebrow Vs Precise Eyebrow
  • ASYMMETRIC BROW CORRECTION - Fixes Uneven And Asymmetric Eyebrows
  • POWERFUL FIXING EFFECT - Fixing Polymer Strongly Holds The Brows From The Roots To The End
  • 3D HEXAGON SHAPE - Perfect For Slim And Delicate Drawing
  • LONG LASTING DAILY BROW - Clipless And Smudge Proof For Daily Use

Product Description

#01 Dark Brown - Deep dark-toned brown color

#02 Natural Brown - Warm and subtle, natural brown color

#03 Gray Brown - Cool-toned grayish brown color

#04 Light Brown - Radiant light brown color

#05 Mild Taupe(new) - Natural cool brown with ash tone color

  1. Drawing Brows with Hexagon Edge Pencil

    - Fill in the front gaps to create a natural hair-like brow

    - Naturally fill in the rest by following the shape of your original brow

    - Draw a slim edgy tail of your brow

  2. Natural Color Without Smudging

    Creates natural brows without smudging through natural color appliance, matching your skin tone and hair color

  3. Your Natural Brow in a Edgy Way

    Creates an edgy brow by making each brow hair stand out and through a powerful fixing effect

  4. Developed with Yoo True Bare Edge user

    Released the NEW Color 'Mild Taupe' Through 6 Months of In-Person Meeting & 12 Times of Sample Test From 2023 June to November.

How to Use

step 1

- Set the desired brow shape.

- Fill in the brow with the chosen color by following through your natural brow-hair.

step 2

Draw the tail of your brow and your natural brows are set once you brush it with a spoolie!


How to Use


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