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Black Tea Deep Infusion Toner

Black Tea Deep Infusion Toner

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  • 🖤 IMPROVE SKIN ELASTICITY BY KOMBUCHA ENERGY (Fermented Black Tea) - Kombucha is fermented from 7days to 30 days or more containing rich ingredients such as Polypheno, catechin. Pyunkang Yul Black Tea Toner delivers the power of condensed fermented Black Tea to help keep the skin firm and plump
  • 🖤 RESTORE SKIN TO ITS YOUTHFUL BEAUTY - Enriched skin-revitalizing ingredients such as Peptide and Adenosine provide healthy energy and vitality to the skin that has lost its strength. It minimizes the appearance of dehydrated fine lines therefore boosting the youtuful-look
  • 🖤 FEEL THE MOISTURE FILLING - 5 Hyaluronic Acids, attract moisture 1000 times up to its weight, deliver deep moisture to dry skin. 3 Ceramides and Panthenol form moisturizing barrier, helping to minimize water loss and keeping the skin hydrated all day long
  • 🖤 SECRET OF BRIGHT RADIANT SKIN - Naturally-sourced Seaberry exctracts deliver strong vitality to the deep inside of skin. Niacinamide a functional brightening substances reduce the appearance of dark spots therefore makes translucent and even skin tone
  • 🖤 MOISTURE FILLING VISCOUS TEXTURE - Deep and refreshing essence-like texture of toner effectively deliver its nourishment and moisture directly to skin


Product Description

Powerful Skin Regeneration

Fermented Black Tea (Kombucha) boosts the skin’s youthful radiance, Peptide and Adenosine provide healthy energy and vitality

Deep Infusion of Moisture

Feel the moisture filling your skin with the toner contained 5 Hyaluronic Acids, Ceramide and Panthenol

A Brighter, Clearer Skin Tone

Seaberry and Niacinamideawaken the skin’s inner health, making it radiant and translucent

Viscous moisturizing texture

Its viscous texture includes Niacinamidefills hydration deeply, leaving the skin translucent and radiant



How to Use


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