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Bling Bling Eye Stick 8 Ivory Babystar

Bling Bling Eye Stick 8 Ivory Babystar

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  • EYE SHADOW STICK that will give you a blinding glow
  • BLING BLING SHINIG EYES + TEARDROP EFFECT: Twinkle Star Powder will make your eye make-up phenomenal
  • LONG-LASTING: your eyes make up will be wearable for long time
  • SOFT CREAMY TEXTURE contains nutritious essence to keep your delicate skin around the eyes moist
  • APPLICATION: Twist stick to the right and gently apply to the eye area. Smudge with finger for desired effect

Product Description

Point 01. For Glittery & Shining Eyes

Contains 'Twinkle Star Powder' to create subtle yet glamorous gloss.

Point 02. Soft & Creamy Texture

Glides smoothly, while it's very adhesive and the color lasts very long.

Point 03. Portable & Conventient Stick Type

It's a stick-type eyeshadow that you can easily carry around.


Step1. Twist the end to the right and gently spread the content on the eyelid.

Step2. Gently rub your eyelid with your finger for natural color payoff.


How to Use


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