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Bon Extra Moisture Emulsion

Bon Extra Moisture Emulsion

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Brand: Sooryehan

Color: Bon Face Emulsion


  • The Secrets of Oriental Beauty - Luxury skincare Hyobidam Fermented Skincare Collection with the exclusive key ingredient of Baekhyodan, helping skin diminish the look for fine lines and and provide deep intense hydration, resulting in younger looking skin
  • The Ultimate Moisture from High Mountain - A blend of Wild Ginseng from the uncontaminated areas of Mount Jiri, helping skin fight all visible signs of aging, and fermented Silver Mushroom Extract, also known as Snow Mushroom and Tremella Mushroom, which has 400x more hydration power and smaller particles than Hyaluronic Acid, providing skin with deeper hydration and helping retain that moisture
  • Formulated with Traditional Korean Herbs - As a rich, smooth and firm texture cream containing the precious herbal ingredients of Baekhyodan and Snow fungus extract, a herbal anti-aging cream that instantly forms a smooth elastic layer to hold facial lines firmly and give long-lasting moisture and a deep moisturizing feeling.
  • SOORYEHAN - Defying age and beauty through traditional herbal medicinal methods, by using Korean Ginseng from the natures of Korea as the base ingredient, perfecting and extracting its skincare potential through Korean Herbal Medicine Cosmetics (Hanbang) Bio Technology, Sooryehan is the full embodiment of eternal beauty through creating skincare products to help your skin achieve its glowing and ageless potential
  • Proudly a part of LG H&H, bringing you effective skincare and products to elevate your life through patented ingredients and LG’s forefront of science, technology, and expertise

Details: We started to create Sooryehan cosmetic line with one question, [ the most well fitted ingredient to the skin characteristics of Korean could be found in the nature of Korea]. So we thought Korean ginseng, widely known as the best ginseng was a key ingredient to keep skin in eternal beauty.

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