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Curl Fix Mascara #1 Black New

Curl Fix Mascara #1 Black New

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  • CURL FIX MASCARA: Neat Curling, Long Lasting Fixing. Curling Mascara That Catches And Separates Every Lash
  • 24 HOURS LASTING CURLING: Lightweight Lash Curling, No More Droopy Lashes. More Natural & Lightweight Formula Suitable For Even Under Lashes
  • WATER PROOF & SMUDFE PROOF TEST COMPLETED: Satisfaction Rate After 24 Hours
  • CUSTOMIZED CURLING BRUSH: Slim & Dense Bristles Allow Thorough Lash-Curling
  • HOW TO USE: Gently Brush To Apply Mascara From Root To Tip. Use With A Mascara Fixer To Boost Volume, Length, And Curling

Product Description

  • 24HR CURL FIX(Human Application Test Completed)
  • CONSUMER APPROVED(400 Testers)

24 Hours Curling Power

Curl Resistance Approved from Human Application Test

Lightweight Lash-Curling

No more Thick & Heavy Lashes!

Natural & Light Mascara even perfect for underlashes!

Customized Curling Brush

Slim & Dense Bristles allow Thorough Lash-Curling!

Water Proof & Smudge Proof Test Completed!

Satisfaction Rate After 24 Hours

  • Base-to-tip curls are long lasting [96%]
  • Doesn't smudge around the eyes [96%]
  • Mascara is clump-free [96%]


Gently brush and apply mascara from the eyelash roots to tip.

Use with a mascara fixer to boost volume, length and curl.

STEP 1. Apply fixer

STEP 2. Leave for 10~20 seconds

STEP 3. Apply mascara


Gentle Cleansing [ ETUDE RECOMMENDED "Lip&Eye Remover" ]

1. Shake the bottle until two phases are well mixed together

2. Soak a cotton pad with the remover and gently swipe to remove mascara

* Mascara requires thorough cleansing with an exclusive remover as it contains 24 hours curl-fix effect with Perfect Lash Fixer ingredients.

Cleansing At Once [ ETUDE RECOMMENDED "Real Art Cleansing Oil Perfect" ]

1. Pump the oil 2~3 times on dry hands.

2. Massage the oil on a dry skin, melting away the Make up.

3. Apply a bit of water and massage until oil turns milky. Rinse with warm water.



How to Use


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