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Fruity Dewy Tint 02 Fig Parfait

Fruity Dewy Tint 02 Fig Parfait

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  • DEWY LIP STAIN: Achieve a Clear and Moist Finish for Your Lips
  • NON-DRYING MOISTURE LIP STAIN: Embrace The Power of Our Formula That Contains 40% High-Moisture Content, Ensuring a Watery, Moisturized Look While Locking in The Moisture
  • SUBTLE AND TRANSPARENT, WATERCOLOR LIP STAIN: Revel in a Non-Sticky, Grease-Free, and Lightweight Texture That Lets You Enjoy a Clear and Shimmering, Watery Glow Finish, Perfect for Layering with Your Favorite Glossy Lip Stain for Added Shine
  • CLEAR AND LIGHTWEIGHT, LAYERING LIP STAIN: Apply One Layer for a Clear, Lightweight Look, or Layer It with Lip Stain for a More Vibrant Appearance
  • VEGAN LIP STAIN: Made With Essential Vegan Ingredients and Certified by The Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services

Product Description

Point 1

Non-Drying Moisture Lip stain

40% high-moisture formula for a watery, moist finish Moisturizing lip with an oil barrier that locks in the moisture.

Point 2

Subtle and Transparent, Watercolor Lip Stain

Not sticky, greasy, or heavy! Clear and shimmering, watery glow finish.

Point 3

Clear and Lightweight, Layering Lip Stain

One coat for a clear, sheer look multiple layers for a more vibrant look.

Point 4

Vegan Lip Stain

Vegan lip stain with only essential ingredients!

Certified by Korea agency of Vegan certification and Services.

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