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Hyobidam Fermented Emulsion

Hyobidam Fermented Emulsion

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Brand: Sooryehan


  • SOORYEHAN HYOBIDAM FERMENTED EMULSION (150ml/5.1fl oz), a non-sticky formula with rich nutrients, deeply hydrates for a radiant, non-greasy complexion. Say goodbye to dry skin.
  • FERMENTED EXCELLENCE, BAEKHYODAN - This emulsion is enriched with Baekhyodan, a 100-day fermented wild ginseng extract from pristine Mt. Jiri. Experience powerful natural skincare that revitalizes and adds radiance to your skin. Restore its innate strength, leaving you with a luminous and resilient complexion.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT ELEGANCE - Enjoy a lightweight yet luxurious texture in Sooryehan Hyobidam Fermented Emulsion. Its concentrated formula effortlessly absorbs, leaving your skin feeling supple and lustrous without heaviness. Experience elegance in skincare.
  • SOORYEHAN - Sooryehan epitomizes timeless beauty by harnessing Korean Ginseng's power in Hanbang (Korean herbal medicine) bio-tech skincare, unlocking radiant, age-defying skincare potential.
  • LG BEAUTY - Proudly a part of LG H&H, bringing you effective skincare and products to elevate your life through patented ingredients and LG’s forefront of science, technology, and expertise.

Details: Sooryehan HYOBIDAM Fermented Emulsion (150ml/5.07fl oz)

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