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Joyful Spanglitter Liquid Gel Eyeshadow 04 UNICORN PARTS

Joyful Spanglitter Liquid Gel Eyeshadow 04 UNICORN PARTS

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  • UNMATCHABLE SPARKLE: The Joyful Spanglitter gives your eyes an unrivaled shine with its big size spangle glitter. This liquid eyeshadow is not just another makeup accessory, it enhances your beauty by adding a sparkling touch to your eyes. It smoothly glides on your skin, creating a bold and colorful statement for night outs, special occasions, or simply just because you feel like looking extra glam
  • SENSITIVE SKIN-FRIENDLINESS: Worried about the safety of your skin while using glittery eyeshadows? With this product, no worries! Its soft gel-fixing formula minimizes irritation while strengthening eye adhesion. This allows you to use it around your eyes without any burden, making it an excellent choice for individuals with sensitive skin or contact lens wearers
  • EASY APPLICATION: Applying the Joyful Spanglitter is as easy as pie. Simply apply an appropriate amount of content to your brush and sweep from the front of your eye to the centre of your pupil. Next, deposit large spangle glitter at the centre of the pupil for a magical look. The easy application makes it beginner-friendly and a staple in professional makeup kits
  • NON-STOP SHINE: With Joyful Spanglitter, your glamour never fades! This eyeshadow is not just radiant, it's also enduring. It has been formulated to stay on for the whole day, ensuring that its sparkling luster doesn't dim. Thanks to its exceptional gel-fixing formula, expect remarkable adhesion - keeping the beautiful glimmers properly in place. Now you can step out and shine without worrying about touch-ups. Live your day, shine all the way! Enjoy glistening eyes throughout your day and night
  • SAFE CLEAN UP: When it's time to remove your makeup, you don't have to stress. When cleansing, simply be careful not to get glitter particles into your eyes. The product is designed for safe and easy cleansing, thus ensuring the gorgeous glitter doesn't cause any hassle. Add the Joyful Spanglitter to your makeup routine for shimmering, expressive eyes every day

Discover Unforgettable Radiance with HOLIKA HOLIKA Joyful Spanglitter​ Illuminate your eyes like never before with HOLIKA HOLIKA's Joyful Spanglitter. This impressive liquid eyeshadow is resplendent with big size spangle glitter, transforming ordinary makeup application into an overture of unrivaled radiance and drama. Effortlesss to use, it unlocks a profusion of sparkling glitter paired with bold color, outshining any other eyeshadows and rendering an incredible and exquisite shine.

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