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Mood Lasting Brush Liner 02 ROSY BREW

Mood Lasting Brush Liner 02 ROSY BREW

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  • ENHANCED COLOR SHADES: With the Mood Lasting Brush Liner, you get dreamy and atmospheric shaded color liner to intensify your eye makeup. Available in two captivating shades - deep violet and rosy brown, this liner evokes a different mood every time you wear it. Be it for a special occasion or a regular day, these colors are ready to adorn your eyes effortlessly
  • EXCEPTIONAL BRUSH DESIGN: Equipped with a slim, soft, and elastic brush, this eyeliner is designed to create delicate and elaborate lines with extreme precision. Whether you desire to create a winged liner or a simple thin line, doing so is easy due to evenly applied color. The applicator of our liner can effortlessly draw detailed expressions to give your eyes a distinctive charm
  • ENDURING STAY POWER: Say goodbye to reapplying! The Mood Lasting Brush Liner locks in color instantly and holds it for long periods. With a durable makeup formula, your look stays fresh and vibrant, as if freshly applied all day long. It eradicates the need for touch-ups, letting you enjoy a remarkable, confident look for extended hours. This liner's resilience speaks volumes about its superior quality
  • OPTIMUM NATURAL FINISH: Though intensely pigmented, Mood Lasting Brush Liner emanates a striking yet natural look. The subtle color application ensures a harmonized balance, not too heavy or light. First-time users, shake well for a thorough blend. For subsequent uses, a good shake allows for a pristine application each time. Enhance your beauty with our liner's natural finish!
  • STORAGE RECOMMENDATION: To enhance the longevity and to maintain the effectiveness of the Mood Lasting Brush Liner, it is advised to store it horizontally. Ensure that the cap is not tightly closed and avoid standing it up. Following these simple guidelines will keep the liner in an optimal condition, offering you a high-quality application every single time

Meticulously Crafted for Precision ​ Enter the realm of effortless precision with the HOLIKA HOLIKA Mood Lasting Brush Liner. Crafted with an exceptional understanding of beauty and design, this liner offers you a sublime experience with its slim, soft and elastic brush-type applicator. The innovative construction of the applicator ensures both ease of use and ability to draw detailed expressions. The atmospheric shaded colors of deep violet and rosy brown facilitate the creation of makeup looks that range from natural, daywear accents to vivid, night-time expressions.


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