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Oh My Lash #1 Top Coat

Oh My Lash #1 Top Coat

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  • NO. 1 TOP COAT: TRANSPARENT LAYERED COAT: This gel-based clear topcoat refreshes and protects any mascara all day with a glossy, water resistant finish. When used alone, it creates shiny eyelashes, and when applied after mascara, it will make it last for a long time
  • EYELASHES COORDINATOR: You can boost your confidence or cheer yourself up showing off your eyelashes at anytime, anywhere, and the way you like!
  • LAYERED EYELASHES EVEN WITHOUT PUTTING ON TOO MUCH! It can be applied several times because it is composed of a very thin layer, so re-applications will just make your eyelashes look longer, without any heavy sensation
  • A NICE AND SMART MASCARA THAT PROTECTS YOUR SENSITIVE EYES: A nice mascara that will not only protect your eyelashes but also the sensitive skin around eyes because it has pure ingredients and refreshing vitamin fruit complex
  • EASY WASHABLE TYPE THAT CAN BE CLEANED WITH LUKEWARM WATER: Easy washable type that can be easily cleansed in lukewarm water without a dedicated remover

Product Description

#1 Top coat

Clear Mascara & Top Coat

Translucent Layer Coat

  • It can be used alone or after mascara to maximize the results

Coating Effect

  • Long lasting withoutsmudging


  • When used after the main mascara it keeps your eyes clean without smearing for a long time.
  • When used alone it gives a natural lash look.
  • If you use the top coat over the mascara several times, the brush and content may turn black, but the content is still safe to use.


Eyelash Coordinator

Anytime you want it~Sometimes sour sometimes sweet!


No Clumping Even With Layers!

Consists of a thin layer that makes the edges clear without clumping even after applying multiple times


Safe Product For Sensitive Eyes

Mascara with tangy vitamin fruit complex and natural ingredients for the sensitive eye area


Easy Washable Type

Easy washable type mascara that washes offeasily with lukewarm water


5 Fruit Complex

Tangy Vitamin Fruits Complex

Fruit complex filled with vitamins helps the lashes to be healthier.

Natural Flower Water Contained The three

ingredients help soothe the eye area.



How to Use


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