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Pantothenic Water Parsley Silence Essence

Pantothenic Water Parsley Silence Essence

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Product Description

Instant Sooth & Leave Out Silky Texture

Daily Essence with Pantothenic Acid helps to soothe irritated area like AC. It also helps to control the excess sebum and midly exfoliate to refine the pore. Used Water Parsely which riches in Pantothenic Acid and B5. The whole squeezing method has used to extract to maximize the Pantothenic Acid Ingredients. Those ingredients helps to relieve the troubled area and control the excessive oil. Also, it provides the moisture to the deepest layer of skin which keep your skin hydrated.

Pantothenic Acid; B5

Creamy soft essence formulated with Derma-Herb Complex moisturizes and soothes the trouble and AC. Plus it helps to control the excessive oil and sebum by maintaining the oil and water balance of skin.

Clinical Test

After using 4 weeks of Essence, the sebum & oil in pore has decresed 28%. Simple and easy but powerful all in one care for AC and blemish prone skin.Water Parsely contains Pantothenic Acid ; B5. The Pantothenic Acid help to sooth the troubled area which gently calm the AC while gives moisture to the deepest layer of the skin.

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