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Play Tone Eyepalette Nude Milk Tea

Play Tone Eyepalette Nude Milk Tea

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  • EYE X CHEEK COLOR TONE BALANCE FOR EASY MIX & MATCH EYE LOOK - The Ultimate Palette That Never Fails, Consisting Of Perfectly Matched Colors For Each Skin Tone
  • UPGRADE NEW TEXTURE - Various New Texture From Sheer Matte To Wet Glitters ( Sheer Matte Is Buildable Powdery Texture That Softly Sets On Eyes, Wet Glitter Is Weightless Glitter With Moist Finish That Shines Translucently, Big Glitter Is Ultra-reflective Chunky Glitter That Delivers Maximum Dazzle, Multi Cheek - Multi-use Weightless Texture For Cheek & Eye)
  • EXQUISITE NEW PALETTE DESIGN - Peach Gerbera Is Wearable Peachy Apricot Shades For Soft Mood Makeup, Cashmere Mauve: Not Too Greyish, Not Too Muted! Cashmere-soft Lovely Mauvish Pink
  • USE WHENEVER AND WHEREVER YOUR WANT FOR SPECIAL EFFECT ON YOUR EYES! - Apply Gently On Eyelids, Using Your Finger Or A Brush. For Colors With High Glitter Content, Use The Tip Of Your Finger For Better Adhesion. Apply It All Over Your Eyelids As A Main Color, Give A Glitter Effect On Under Eyes, Or Put It On To Add Glitter Point!

Product Description

Play Tone Eye Palette

The Very Modern Nude!

Warm and cozy nude colors, which effortlessly brighten your eyes

#Effortless Beauty #Natural Nudy Look

Check Point

Eye X Cheek Color Tone Balance For Easy Mix & Match Eye Look

The ultimate palette that never fails, consisting of perfectly matched colors for each skin tone

Upgraded New Texture

Various new texture from sheer matte to wet glitters

#Sheer Matte

Buildable powdery texture that softly sets on eyes

#Wet Glitter

Weightless glitter with moist finish that shines translucently

#Big Glitter

Ultra-reflective chunky glitter that delivers maximum dazzle

#Multi Cheek

Multi-use weightless texture for cheek & eye

Exquisite New Palette Design

From Eye To Cheeks, Perfect Palette With Easy Color Matching For All

Color System

Nude Cream


Creamy beige color with shimmery tiny glitters

Ginger Beige


Ginger beige color that brightens up eye areas

Sweet Milk Tea

Wet Glitter

Pure nude peach glitter that goes well with various eye makeup

Dalgona with Toppings


Moisty gold glitters with maximum dazzle

Blending Milk Tea


Soft milk tea brown color with a hint of red

Rich Milk Tea


Warmer and deeper brown in matte texture

Warm Milk Tea

Multi Cheek

Sheer nude beige color for cheek that naturally brightens up the whole face (Multi use- Cheek & Eye)

How To Use

Apply gently on eyelids, using your finger or a brush. For colors with high glitter content, use the tip of your finger for better adhesion. Apply it all over your eyelids as a main color, give a glitter effect on under eyes, or put it on to add glitter point! Use whenever, and wherever you want for special effect on your eyes!

How to Use


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