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Red Bean Water Gel Hydrating Peptide Hydro Boost Moisturizer

Red Bean Water Gel Hydrating Peptide Hydro Boost Moisturizer

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Brand: Beauty of Joseon


  • Strong Moisturizer: Immerse your skin in the luxurious hydration it craves. The Beauty of Joseon Red Bean Water Gel stands as a formidable moisturizer, providing an intense boost of hydration that lasts.
  • Deep Hydration for All Skin Types: Tailored for dry, sensitive, tanned, and irritated skin, this gel is a hydrating haven. Pamper your skin with a formula that understands its unique needs, leaving it feeling nourished and revitalized.
  • Minimizes Oiliness: Say farewell to unwanted oiliness as this gel features the extraordinary benefits of 'red bean,' renowned for its abundance of saponins. This natural ingredient helps absorb sebum, ensuring your skin stays beautifully matte and balanced.
  • Wrinkle-Improving Peptides: Infused with 'peptides,' this skincare marvel goes beyond hydration to target wrinkles. Revel in the age-defying properties of peptides as they work their magic, leaving your skin looking smoother and more youthful.
  • Great Gift: Perfect for grand parents, moms, dads, girlfriends and boyfriends as a birthday gift and event for special occasions. Present your loved ones with this ginseng cleansing oil korean skincare.

Details: For the oily-skin customers, we have developed 'Red Bean Water Gel.' It has a light gel texture and is full of moisture while minimizing the oily feeling. Red bean extract and 3 types of peptides, key ingredients in this cream, work in concert to replenish moisture and help skin health.

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