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Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence

Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Essence

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Brand: SKIN FOOD since 1957


  • Hydrating Toner for Face - SKINFOOD Royal Honey Essential Toner is great for reducing acne and dark spots. This hydrating facial toner creates a protective barrier for long lasting moisture and a honey kissed complexion.
  • Benefits of Black Bee Propolis Extract - Black Bee Honey is considered a rare delicacy with medicinal properties in both Eastern & Western Medicine since ancient times. It's a beauty remedy with moisturizing, and revitalizing properties. Combined with Royal Jelly Extract, this toner builds a firm barrier for radiant and moist skin.
  • Honey Propolis Essence Toner - An amazing dark spot diminisher, this hydrating facial toner is the best skin toner for providing a rich nutrient cleaning experience for dry and rough skin. Leave your skin glowing and smooth as you go about your day!
  • How to Use - After using a gentle exfoliating cleanser on your face and neck, apply the toner to your skin using a cotton pad or your palms. Gently pat your skin until the toner is completely absorbed. For best results, use daily with a SKINFOOD cleanser, followed by a SKINFOOD facial lotion.

Details: A hydrating emulsion with 15% matured propolis that thoroughly penetrates into the skin to maintain the oil-moisture balance.

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