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Shea Butter Steam Cream

Shea Butter Steam Cream

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Brand: Nature Republic

Color: Fresh


  • Nourishing and shiny skin with Shea butter: It contains shea butter 200 ppm. Especially we emulsify and refine shea butter from Africa to produce it. Shea butter provides rich nutrients to our dull skin to be glossy and elastic.
  • Shea butter effects: It helps our skin to be glossy relieved, nourished, moisturized, and recovered. Therefore, it is suitable for our rough skin caused by external stimuli and pollutants especially in summer and in winter. And it protects our skin from the harmful environment that changes it into a weakened one and from sunlight. In addition, it calms our sensitive skin and provides moisture to our skin. It makes our skin soft and smooth too.
  • Steam emulsion & Strong moisturizing: It contains melted shea butter by steam emulsion and it is light and soft. It also balances between moisture and oil and forms a moisture barrier to keep your rough skin satiny and silky. Steam emulsion means, it stabilizes ingredients by 100 degrees smoke constantly. It is mild on the skin and its texture is soft.
  • How to use: After washing your face, take out of it with descent amount on your dried hand and place it on your face.Then pat your face like a massage evenly with it at the last stage of skin care.You can use this product wherever you want including legs and so on.
  • Caution) If you experience any troubles by sunlight during using the product or after using it, or if it has adverse side effects, we suggest you consult with a doctor. Don’t use it on wounded areas and avoid using it on your eyes. And keep it away from children. After opening, use it immediately. It can be dried. Also, don't use used products. Before using it, you need to know how to use it and cautions.

Details: Nature Republic Shea Butter Steam Cream Ultra uses Steam Technology to fuse ingredients together resulting in a light cream that melts when it touches your skin. Steam Technology uses a blast of steam to extract the nutrients of each ingredient and fuse them together into a very light emulsion. The result is Steam Cream that melts when it touches your skin is faster absorbed into the skin than traditional creams. It also penetrates deeper than traditional creams, moisturizing skin up to 48 hours, making it a great Fall and Winter cream. Shea Butter Steam Cream Ultra fuses moisturizing butter extracted from nuts of the exotic African Shea Tree, Green Tea Seed Oil, and the antioxidant Maki Berry. Shea Butter is a rich source of the antioxidant Vitamin-A with numerous healing effects such as balancing skin tone and treating acne scars, sunburn or even insect bites and more. It also contains Vitamin-E providing deep moisturization while acting as an anti-free radical protecting skin against sun and environmental exposure. Green Tea Antioxidants preserve skin's collagen and elastin reducing fine lines and wrinkles. As an Anti-Inflammatory, Green Tea Antioxidants calm and sooth skin, reducing excessive oil production, which reduces acne breakouts. Maki Berry is another great Antioxidant for your skin.

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