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Super Aqua Max Fresh Watery Cream

Super Aqua Max Fresh Watery Cream

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Brand: Nature Republic

Color: 1. Watery Cream


  • Making moist skin with Deep seawater: It contains Deep seawater from Kona in Hawaii and it is for oily skin. The Aqua capture system pulls up moisture like a makes our skin moist, too. Also, Portulaca Olearacea Extracts that strengthen our skin, and Glycyrrhiza Extracts that cool sensitive skin damaged by the sunlight, helps the tightening pores of oily skin and it takes care of your skin smoothly.
  • Deep seawater from Kona in Hawaii: Deepwater of 914 m deep sea that is freshwater that from melted glaciers and seawater in Greenland matured by crossing among the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, and Pacific without contacting with air for a long time in the deepest point. The rich minerals in clean deep seawater provide pure moisture to your skin.
  • Super aqua max line: It conveys ample moisture and freshness to our skin and our skin absorbs quickly the deep water from Hawaii and the 33 active ingredients from the ocean that contains abundant minerals.
  • How to use: After washing your face, take out of it with descent amount on your dried hand and place it on your face.Then pat your face like a massage evenly with it at the last stage of skin care.
  • Caution) If you experience any problems by sunlight during using the product or after using it, or if it has adverse side effects, we suggest you consult with a doctor. Don’t use it on wounded areas and avoid using it on your eyes. And keep it away from children. After opening, use it immediately. It can be dried. Also, don't use used products. Before using it, you need to know how to use it and cautions.

Details: NS07-Coil

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