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VITA C Plus SPOT Correcting & Firming SERUM

VITA C Plus SPOT Correcting & Firming SERUM

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Color: Correcting & Firming AMPOULE


  • VITAMIN C FACE AMPOULE: Our Vita C Plus Spot-Correcting Concentrate Ampoule is a liquid formula that helps Revitalize the complexion and improve spots while leaving skin firm and elastic. It contains 10% vitamin C of 99% purity.
  • LIPOSOMES, THE SECRET SOLUTION: For enhanced protection and absorption, we encapsulate 99% of this formula’s pure vitamin C in liposomes. We also add PHA for exfoliation, collagen to boost skin firming, and other ingredients to let your skin glow.
  • UPGRADE YOUR SKIN ROUTINE: Use this vitamin C skin formula day or night, especially if your focus is skin tone correction. For increased results, try applying our Vita C Plus Spot-Correcting and Firming Ampoule first.
  • HOW TO USE: Open the lid and pump once, then shake the bottle to mix the vitamin C powder with the liquid. Pump the well-mixed ampoule once or twice and evenly spread it on your face.
  • SEE THE DIFFERENCE: Get the power of vitamin C for face and skin revitalizing with the Vita C Plus line. MISSHA brings Korean skin care to the rest of the world with luxury skin care products that are trendy, effective, and formulated for all skin types.

Details: MISSHA's Vita C Plus Spot-Correcting Concentrate Ampoule is a concentrated vitamin C skin treatment. It contains a reenergizing blend of pure ascorbic acid and vitamin C powder to fade spots, and discoloration. It is recommended for dull and uneven skin.

Key ingredients include: 10% vitamin C of 99% purity encapsulated into liposomes for enhanced skin protection and absorption, lactobionic acid (PHA) for exfoliation, adenosine to even out skin texture, collagen to boost skin firming and vibrance, vitamin E to improve skin and hair health, ceramide for moisturizing care, and hyaluronic acid for hydration. See the full ingredient list for additional formula components.

How to Use: Open the lid and pump once. Then shake the bottle well to mix the vitamin C powder with the liquid. Pump the mixture once or twice and evenly spread it across your face. For targeted care, apply a second time to key blemish areas. Ideal for both day and nighttime use. Before using, apply a small amount on tender areas, such as behind the ear or on your wrists, to check for adverse reactions. Because we use raw, natural ingredients, you should expect gradual discoloration in the formula and can continue to use the product without worry. Store at room temperature and avoid exposure to sunlight and air.

As a leader in Korea's cosmetics market, we listen carefully to the concerns of our customers to create results that meet their needs. MISSHA skin-care products show the quality and dedication we have to your beauty routine through the ingredient origins, absorption tech, and lab research used in their formulation. From balms to toners to ampoules, the entire Vita C Plus line will give your skin the vitamin C it's craving. See for yourself what defines the best in Korean beauty.

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