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Wrinkle Bounce Skin Fit Blending Essence

Wrinkle Bounce Skin Fit Blending Essence

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  • ✅ UNPARALLELED DUAL-ACTION ELIXIR. Delight yourself with KAHI Facial Essence enriched with Agar Capsule that seamlessly blends with your skin with its remarkable age-defying prowess while working on pore refinement and skin tone enhancement, all in one powerful clear essence!
  • ✅ 48HR HYDRATING FACE ESSENCE. Experience moisture like never before with our double moisturizing clear essence! Revel in the depths of hydration from surface nourishment to deep moisture retention and bid farewell to dryness as it blankets your skin in a long-lasting moisture cocoon for 48hrs.
  • ✅ EMANATE RADIANCE & YOUTH FACIAL CARE. Rediscover your skin's radiance and youthfulness as our facial moisturizer essence redefines your complexion. Effortlessly enhance skin texture, amplify brightness, and bask in a rejuvenated glow to bring out your skin's inherent vibrancy.
  • ✅ SKIN'S BEST FRIEND. Carefully crafted, our skin-friendly triple elasticity skin moisturizer formula caters to even the most delicate and sensitive skin types. It improves the appearance of fine lines on the forehead, left cheek, right cheek, nose, and chin areas while enhancing skin lifting effect.
  • ✅ LOVED BY SCIENCE, LOVED BY SKIN. Rely on the undeniable efficacy of our face moisturizers essence with 44 clinical trials that showcase its transformative capabilities. From erasing deep age lines to firming sagging skin, this Korean beauty essence stands as an affirmation of its clinical care.


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